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Internal Medicine Curriculum

Sovah INTERNAL MEDICINE Residency is structured to provide residents with the fundamental knowledge and skills essential to the practice of internal medicine. Our resident teams on the hospital wards and in the ICU care for patients with complex diagnoses and diverse pathologies.

A variety of outstanding inpatient and outpatient rotations combine with a strong educational program to provide a patient-centric, evidence-based medicine curriculum that covers the full spectrum of Internal Medicine. This well-rounded experience prepares residency graduates to enter into practice or to pursue sub-specialty fellowship programs.

Residents at Sovah Health provide robust inpatient medicine and critical care services to an underserved population in a community-based setting.

Diverse medical pathology and daily multi-disciplinary rounds provide residents with dynamic bedside teaching experience.

The closed ICU unit gives residents daily opportunities to manage high-acuity complex patient cases with the balance of autonomy and Intensivist support.

Hospital medicine teams enjoy working with residency faculty who give helpful feedback, create excellent working environments, and love to teach!

Opportunities for procedures are plentiful!

Residents present case reports and clinical studies at regional research days and national medical meetings. Several resident-initiated clinical studies have been completed to improve hospital care processes.

Daily noon didactics include medical lectures, case presentations, journal clubs, M&M conferences, and board review.

Continuity Clinic

The Sovah Residency Clinic, located in the River District, boasts spacious resident workspace with lots of natural light.

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