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Diversity & Inclusion


“Acknowledging and honoring the different thoughts, ideas, experiences, and talents of all those we collaborate with, our Program remains constant in creating and maintaining quality learning, work and care environments through focused advancement of diversity, inclusion and anti-racist behavior.”

Leslie Sturdivant, FACHE, CPPS, CDP
Sovah Residency DIO

Together we are ONE.

We are team-minded, inclusive of each other’s unique gifts, talents and worthiness.  Together we make patients whole, healthy and well. The Sovah Medical Residency Program embodies excellence in education, and truly it has been the camaraderie and spirit of our diverse house staff and teaching faculty which makes this residency so special. Over the past decade in which our program has been in existence, our house staff have come from diverse ethnic and geographic backgrounds. We are committed to recruiting, enrolling and supporting a diverse group of residents who reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community and the patients we serve. We value our patients, community and our Sovah Health care teams.  Our commitment to diversity and inclusion allows us to deliver quality, compassionate care. Together, we are making communities healthier.

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